Let your soul sing

How does Your Soul Sing and Your Body Dance?

Psychologists have been researching for years whether our thoughts have a direct effect on our emotional and physical wellbeing. They have explored whether we can think ourselves well or even be fooled by a placebo tablet or miracle cure… and the research is becoming more and more compelling!

When you think about it… pardon the pun! It makes sense that how we think about a situation determines how we feel about that situation, which in a nutshell creates our mood and response to it!

The amazing thing is that music can help us change our thoughts in a heartbeat; therefore bring about positive emotional health and well-being. All we need to do is play some uplifting music and think positively! But that’s only half the story! Can you imagine the effect singing would have, if you could program fabulously positive thoughts directly to your own mind everyday!

Let’s throw a bit of dancing into the mix! Dancing is super food for your mood. It boosts your brainpower, strengthens your skeleton, lowers your blood pressure, balances your metabolism and keeps your heart healthy. A good boogie creates a free flow of blood, oxygen, waste and nutrients so they get to wherever they need to be.

Movement is also therapy for our body’s energy system, and therefore our thoughts, feelings and beliefs. As we move we are literally energy in motion – shifting and clearing our e-motional states.

Oh and of course by sharing a dance floor with others you’ll have a sunnier social circle!

In our cultures and communities we have expressed ourselves creatively through movement for thousands of years- it’s completely natural. Watch how birds, bees and butterflies use dance to communicate!

And did you know that just one good session of dancing gets those happy chemicals sparkling through your cells and kicks depression right off your dance floor?

Finally your brain is strengthening its nerve impulses every time you repeat something. So the more you move, the more you train your brain, the happier and healthier you will be.

Getting your groove on will have you
glowing inside and out!!

Wow!! Imagine singing and dancing together…
what an amaSing effect that would have on your e-motions!

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