Let your soul sing

We love it and so do they!

We have had many hours of fun, laughter and pure joy creating this experience and all three of us have witnessed the power it has to transform and enhance people’s lives helping to create well being and harmony.

The feedback has been truly humbling and touched us on a deep level. Love DanSing has empowered people of all ages, body types and fitness levels by connecting mind, body and Spirit!

Refreshing and fun

Love DanSing days are refreshing and fun for everyone -truly magical

– Dawn Gibbins – MBE

Open hearted

It suits everyone, even the people who may have felt a little self conscious. Open hearted feelings… I wanted longer!

– Sian-Elin Flint-Freel


The songs were really catchy. I feel elated, energized and vibrant!

– David Binder

Fab Crowd

Blissed out! Full of fun and laughter. It was joyful. I feel exhilarated, safe. Fab crowd!

– Jean Bamber

Music and movement

I feel at peace and my mind is clear. I loved the simplicity of the music and movement.

– Debra Sofia Magdalene


There is a real power in this work that allows an opportunity to really touch the core of who you are in a simple, fun way.

– Clare Roberts

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Love DanSing

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